Monday, September 30, 2013

Printing and Chip-and-Pin Machines

So, I’m supposed to talk about my Comp Sci experiences on this blog so here’s y experience for the week.

Now I know what most of you are thinking, we don’t have chip-and-pin machines at U of T, and you’d be right. However, what we do have are printers, and I had a bit of a row with it a couple of days ago in which I told it to print and it said nope, piss off. It was rather embarrassing seeing as, if anyone should know how to make a printer behave it’d be a Comp Sci student, right? Now, I’m also sure that using the printers in the CDF labs is nowhere near as complicated as it looks to me now. There was probably one tiny detail left out of what instructions on printing in the PDF labs I found that threw a proverbial wrench in my printing plans and left me whispering abuse at the machinery involved.

I guess, what I’m trying to say here is that my first couple of weeks in U of T have had this same problem iterated over and over again. I know what an Object is and how they work, but why is else if one word. Or I know limits but why does he keep writing (of form blah) instead of just stating the answer. So, yah, silly details shall be the bane of my existence.

PS: Yes, most of the entries will likely end in “So, yah...” that’s just how I work >.>

PSS: I wrote this a couple of days ago and I kinda want to post it already so please excuse the bad writing (this is Comp Sci not English so I hope that wouldn’t be too big of a deal)